Interviewer: Could you put a time frame on when we might expect [Sherlock Holmes 3]?
Jude: I don’t know.

Is he in IM3?  I want it to happen. >.>  Either Paul Bettany or Jude Law, or both.  We should have both.

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“Man, I feel like there’d be like a little improv on the ground layer.

Like er, I put on, like, an animal mask

and we start really saying how we feel about each other.

Then we suit up.”


RDJ on Tony’s and Steve’s confrontation scene aboard the Helicarrier.

Avengers: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Can I put a hand under his T-shirt too?  I’m shallow, yes.

Just look at this OTP


RDJ could stand beside anyone in the line and he choses Chris (;


Tony “reveals” that he has feelings for Steve.

Is this real?

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Q: Was Chris Evans as much of a leader off-screen as he was on-screen?

These two have cute smiles.

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Personally speaking? Oh yes [video].


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Can we talk about this picture—


Chris Steve and RDJ Tony are like “Why yes, we’re the mommy and daddy of this group”.

RDJ and Mark Ruffalo are probably standing on a box.

Imagine waking up and suddenly these guys are starring and pointing at you.


Let’s drink?


Let’s drink?


I am very sorry for the quality of this gif but … I had to make it.

Don’t forget to watch FX this Sunday for more of these two doing things like this.

rdj is small beside him


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These two lol

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Ahh love these guys! Can’t wait for the Avengers to finally Assemble :D

I kinda notice that when Chris Hemsworth says he gets to keep the hammer prop, Chris Evans is like WTF in this interview.  In the other one, Mark Ruffalo and RDJ get the same question and RDJ is just as astonished that Mark gets to keep the Iron Man bracelet while he doesn’t get anything.

Don’t watch the other one, btw, because it has some sort of spoiler.  It’s not really shocking to me because some people already guessed correctly the detail.  Since I’ve read more than my share of comics, I think I’m going to come out of this movie with zero surprise at anything Whedon can throw at me.

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